The magical world of Home automation devices is creating quite a buzz in the markets of Singapore. It sounds extremely cool and even complicated for some people; however, careful consideration will show that it is pretty straight forward. Automation basically means that your everyday appliances like smart light, smart fridge, smart AC, etc., can now function automatically with the touch of a button from your phone or even voice activation.

Illuminate your house with the smart ceiling light

One of the most common automation devices is a smart ceiling light. Smart lighting is becoming popular very rapidly as it eliminates the possibility of clumsily searching for a traditional switch in the dark.

It is also a brilliant security device when you are coming home late at night. You can have your lights on whenever you want without even physically being anywhere near the light’s switch.

You will find that led smart lights and smart panel lights act just like regular light bulbs. The only difference between the two kinds of lighting sources is that the smart ones can be controlled remotely by mainly three ways:

  • Over Wi-Fi using voice activation
  • Bluetooth
  • Specific mobile application built for the bulb that you are using.

If you want to try out smart devices for your house, the smart light bulb is a great place to start. A smart light bulb will probably be the cheapest smart home device you can buy.

How to set-up a smart ceiling light in your house? 

Smart light bulbs are really easy to install and use. This is why many people use it as a starting point into the amazing world of Home automation. You need to keep in mind that the exact setup process will vary depending upon the company whose bulb you will purchase.

All the instructions regarding the installation process will be given on the bulb’s box. Read the instructions very carefully. Even if you cannot understand something, do not worry, as you will surely find a relevant installation video online.

For most smart lights, you need yes replace your current bulbs with the new smart ones. They will automatically function as a traditional bulb if you do not have a wireless connection in your house.

To truly enjoy smart bulbs features, it is better that you directly connect the bulb to your in-house Wi-Fi. Some smart bulbs require a hub to get connected to the Wi-Fi, while others get connected automatically.

Of course, you would require downloading the accompanying mobile application with the bulb. Do not worry, as most of these applications are extremely user-friendly and will take you step by step through the entire installation process. You may also try to connect the bulb via Bluetooth.

Depending upon your device, you may connect to your smart speaker and use the voice activation process to control your lights.

How does the smart light work? 

  • After you have installed your smart light, now comes the fun part. You must be wondering how you can turn the lights on and off even when you are not present in the room. You can do this via voice activation or through the mobile application.
  • Bluetooth may not work as it depends upon the range, which is generally quite small. You can make the most out of these lights by buying a voice-enabled smart speaker like Amazon Echo, Google Home, or Apple’s homepod.
  • Just give the relevant command, and the light will switch on and off accordingly. If your smart light has dimming or color-changing options, even those features can be easily navigated via the mobile application or even voice control. Some apps even have the option of creating customize lighting patterns that you can take advantage of.
  • Just remember that your light switch must be in the on position at all times for you to be able to control the smart light via your smartphone for voice-enabled speakers. This is because if the physical switch is off, then that means your bulb is no longer connected to your in-house Wi-Fi.

Main benefits of switching to a smart light

  •       Saves more energy

With the option to dim your lights, it is easier to save much more energy. We are all guilty of sometimes forgetting to switch off a light, which can now easily be done with our phones’ help. Even motion sensor devices can be added to the rooms in which smart bulbs are installed so that whenever the room is unoccupied, the light will go off automatically.

Therefore, smart bulbs are energy efficient, saving more energy e than normal LED bulbs.

  •       Long lifespan

The smart lights are built with LED; therefore, it will last much longer than traditional bulbs. LED lights are up to 90% more efficient than incandescent light bulbs. Your electricity bill will be less; therefore, the initial steep price you pay for the bulb will be worth it.

  •       Extremely convenient

This probably goes without saying that smart lights make your life much easier. Without even having to get up from your bed, you can switch off the light after a busy day. No more do you have to awkwardly find your way in the dark to find a switch in a room.

Even your room will be party-ready with just a change in the colors light. When the party’s over, you can switch back to more coming light to get yourself ready for bedtime. The options are virtually limitless.

To Sum It Up

Take the help of this age’s technological advancements and light up your house in a smart way. Smart light bulbs are brilliant and will save you not only money in the long run as it is energy efficient and has a long lifespan. The world is becoming more and more technologically advanced, and you need to catch up.

Take smart LED lights’ help and control the lighting of your entire house with a voice command without any hassle.