It’s quite straightforward to start a new venture in Singapore. The country is listed by The World Bank as amongst the top-ranking nations from the business perspective. While it’s an ideal business center, small business owners do encounter several challenges.

Among those is raising adequate funds to allow faster operation of the project. The entrepreneurs sometimes make use of their investments, take loans from friends or family members, or seek suitable financial institutions for lending the required capital.

Figuring your business capital can be a daunting task particularly if you have a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME). The loan term is the most difficult aspect, where the enterprise has to be operational for more than two years, it is one of the conditions that make raising capital a challenging task.

If you view it positively, it is an ideal opportunity for progressive financial institutions to disburse instant business loan Singapore to different types of businesses.

Business Loan Types

Every other financial institution and bank may offer various categories of SME loans, with specific interest rates of their own depending upon your both requirement and eligibility.

Bridging Loan

A bridging loan is regarded as a short-term loan to enable the entrepreneurs to satisfy current commitments by offering instant cash flow for a limited period while they wait for fresh funds to arrive. Bridging loans may be used to buy land, finance revamping works, and even protect business opportunities.


  • To counter urgent business commitments
  • To exclusively utilize for business funding
  • Being short term, rate of interest is lower

Working Capital Loan

A working capital loan refers to a type of loan a company uses to fund its day-to-day activities, such as payrolls, leases, and inventories. Working capital loans are typically taken out when a business entity needs cash/ asset liquidity to meet day-to-day operating costs to venture for further expansion.


  • It takes care of short term revenue expenditures.
  • Look after the daily expenses.
  • It’s preferred for high seasonality sales of recurring nature.

Expansion Financing

Expansion financing is useful when the organization has a chance to develop and expand. With the introduction of new products or the takeover of smaller business units, it can be utilized for system integration as well as internal growth.


  • Movement to the strategic business area becomes feasible.
  • It encourages large scale hiring.
  • New brand generation is possible. 


Payroll loans are classified as short-term loans that adequately cover the expenses of the personnel engaged. Besides, they can let you direct your money into other projects for an ideal diversification.


  • Ideally suited for instant payroll requirements.
  • Reasonable rate of interest due to short repayment schedules.

Business Line of Credit

Many companies have a line of credit to cover unexpected costs and the need for funding growth areas. For a niche company, it can be spoken of as a variation of a credit card. Credit is allowed only with the sum drawn, so the credit cap shrinks back as soon as the amount is drawn is repaid. 


  • Coverage of short term business requirements.
  • Recurring financial expenses are met.
  • Easy access to funds in case of a crisis.

Key Points To Qualify For Business/SME Loans

Amidst those other variables and conditions impacting your ability to apply for a corporate bank loan in Singapore, three significant considerations need to be given greater consideration.

Each of these variables will theoretically eclipse everything else and may cause your bank loan application to be denied outright if not fulfilled adequately.

  • What is the credit score you possess?
  • What is the duration and length of operation of your company in Singapore?
  • What is the net worth of your business including annual revenue income? 

Determination Of Loan Requirements

When it comes to funding business for SMEs, you should always be precise. Identify the amount of extra capital you need and create a simple and actionable strategy for how to make the most successful utilization of such funds. Time is important, as you’ll have to pay interest on your SME bank loan. You must raise queries for yourself:

  • Why would I need a small business loan?
  • What would be the exact loan amount?
  • How could I repay the monthly installments?

Loan Disbursal

It takes around two to three weeks for the regular loan application to be reviewed and subsequently processes to the point of disbursement. However, the processing period may take up to nearly a month in the event of any technical snag.

  • All supporting documents should be in readiness.
  • Collate the entire possible loan offers from all the leading banks and make a comparative chart. 


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